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prose noun \ˈprōz\
the ordinary form of spoken or written language,
as distinguished from poetry or verse.

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In the Cloud

prose is an online service. There’s no need for a local server to run or install our services.
Create from everywhere!


prose comes with all common Dialer screens.
Such as "Wait for a Call" and "Agent Break".
Just focus on your campaign!

Less coding

Stop writing and debugging code.
Start designing your scripts visually
with drag and drop.


We developed an agent friendly
script template to optimize focus
and to maximize performance.

Get organized

Manage all scripts in one place.
Create, Edit, Copy and Export individual
or with your team.

We want to learn

prose is always evolving.
Are you missing something? Tell us!
It might end up as our next feature.

Our Team

Randy Drielinger

Randy Drielinger

Maurice de Haas

Maurice de Haas

Designer 15 years of experience in graphic and webdesign. Highly skilled in working from a user-friendly perspective.
644 scripts generated
25290 hours of coding (or fun)
75 years of experience
33720 Cup of Coffees

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